Monday, July 14, 2008

A Weekend in San Diego … again!

A couple of weekends ago, Lindsay and I spent a quick vacation in San Diego. We stayed at our favorite hotel, went to our favorite restaurants – Anthony's Fish Grotto (thanks Rylan!) and Tent City on Coronado Island. We also picked up this little souvenir.

We bought a Mazda Miata for Lindsay so that the 62 mile route he has to take to work is a little less expensive for us. The gas savings alone will equal more than the payment for the car, the insurance is a bit less than our truck and now we have 2 cars just in case I need one for an emergency or inclement weather.

On our way home to Tucson, we went through Imperial Valley just outside of the mountains of San Diego and it was absolutely brutal. The rental car I took had a thermometer built in and it hit a high of 116°F! As we got into Tucson in the evening the temperatures had cooled down into the mid 70s. It was good to be home after all that heat. I have no idea how anything survives in those kinds of temperatures.

I already miss the beach…

Having owned the car now for about 3 weeks, we are finding that not only is a little 2-door convertible a fun car to drive, it is much, much more cost effective for us.


Michelle said...

Wow, what a fun new little car! We'll have to meet up with you in San Diego some time, I'd like to take a road trip down there some time.