Thursday, September 11, 2008

Business Cards…

As a designer I find that one of the most challenging things out there is creating an identity for yourself. It is so much easier with other companies. How do I come across sincere, but professional without looking like I have too much self importance?

So, I present to you 3 business cards that I've worked up over the past couple of days. These are just temporary that I have to print out so that I can hand them out to some people at an upcoming event next Thursday. After that, I really work on my identity! Yikes.

As you'll see to the right, there is a poll. Hmmm… I guess I really should have added in a "none of the above."

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Choice 3:


Rylan Francis said...

I like the 2nd and third one...hard to tell which one though...Hey for printing, check out, its like 100 business cards for around 15 dollars (full color, front and back). Maybe put the back just that blue background for continuity. Would be cheaper then printing out yourself I think. Though I am not too sure about the turn around. You would probably have to order today to get here in time.

Rylan Francis said...

oh kerrie one more thing, you can probably pick up a domain, like for like $20 for three years and have it point to your blog for now. That way on your card you can have that "professional" looking address. Just a suggestion. I voted for number 3 now. Chelsea chooses 2, but it only lets me vote once

Arabian Acres said...

I love the rocket ship! They all are great but that one has your name and art stand out the most in my eyes. Great work!