Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friends Lost and Found

Over the many years since graduating college, I've long searched for a few of my friends from back in the day. Good grief, almost before the internet was mainstream! :P This weekend, while perusing another blog it made me think of one in particular – a girl I was on the color guard with at CSU. I'd googled her before, knowing her last name might be new, but nothing ever popped up. Until this weekend. It has been wonderful reading about her life's journey and her growing family. Also, she is a fabulous knitter! Wow, those are some beautiful pieces.

So, as much as I don't necessarily embrace our modern technologies (I didn't get a cell phone until only a year ago and we don't have cable, a garage door opener or even a car with keyless entry), there are times when I don't know what we even did before the internet.

Hmmm … besides my computer and Lindsay's iPod, we really are kind of backwards in the technology scheme. But, that works just fine for me.