Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas in the Desert…

While we don't go very overboard with decorations at Christmas time, we do a nice little desert tree laden with glass ornaments in some very unique shapes (Egyptian Casks? Motorcycles? Winnie the Pooh? Yep on all three). We then finish it off with Chili Pepper lights and lots and lots of cactus and desert motifs.

The finishing touch is a Mexican blanket we bought at a local roadside stand. Oh, and the tree is only 3.5" tall. I've had it since college and I see no point in not using it.


Arabian Acres said...

I love this part of your BLOG Kerrie with the closeups of the tree and such. It is such a warm feeling, great job. As for the kids,.... well I have two of them so I understand and think the Mom is clearly in Whatever land. ;)