Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Day at the Zoo…

Lindsay and I spent a beautiful Superbowl Sunday at Reid Park Zoo here in Tucson looking at all the animals and plants. I know I'm not supposed to like zoos, however I think they have a lot to offer people as well as overall health and caring for animals in this world. This zoo is known for its anteaters but has many other very fun animals. The otters were probably the most fun followed by my favorite the Jaguars. They are black but you can clearly see their spots when you get up close to them.

They have a couple of walk-in aviaries and I spotted this little guy waving hello! He is a spoon-billed somethingorother. Kind of looked like a flamingo in the trees.

These two parrots were squawking about and I caught them in the middle of an agitated argument.

Lindsay fed the giraffe a couple of little biscuits and was astonished at the amount of slobber this guy put out. Yuck! They have such beautiful eyes though. But long blue tongues!


Arabian Acres said...

Love the giraffes however, I have never heard of a spoon bill somethingorother.? ;) Looks like a cool zoo. You mean you didn't watch the Cards?

Arabian Acres said...

I see Mr. Happy went to the museum. Was he afraid of those big dinosaurs? Mr. Happy is so cute, he always makes me smile. :)