Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Revisions…

Scooter and I are in the process of rearranging our entire house. Yes, that's what I said. It's a much less costly way of redecorating. Of course—being the nut that I am—I had to draw the entire area out in SketchUp, furniture and all. It's essentially a digital way of doing the graph paper and cut out shapes method, but for me, much more fun.

This is the view from my office. My whole house is a dusty green color called "Campaign Green," which I equate to Coleman Tent green. It is a very nice compliment to the desert atmosphere. I have long wanted to do red accents, but my time at my previous office always told me otherwise. So many times, I would present a red/green, pink/lemony-green, deep orange/olive design and the first comment I always received was, "It's too Christmas-y." Well, too bad. I like those colors together.

Overview of the plan. I'm going to choose a brownish-red for the one wall in the living room, which will be the only thing I want to paint (except for my office).

From the bedroom door looking towards my office and front door.

I think this plan will open up our house quite a bit more. If anything, it's an excuse for me to thoroughly clean the whole place, which it is in desperate need of.

A couple things that I noticed while creating this model.
  • The SketchUp database is full of user posted artifacts like furniture, appliances and more.
  • The generic girl model included looks an awful lot like myself. What does that say? I'm that generic. D'oh!
  • As a graphic designer/illustrator I just can't be happy with a simple "move it and see."
PS: I did not draw the bathrooms or bedrooms … yet.


Mountain Mama said...

Oooh. Me likes the interior design via computer.

I have lots of red and green too. I accent with yellow and brown. Less Christmas and more traffic lights.

Rylan Francis said...

whats sad is before reading your entry I was like holy crap she drew herself in sketchup as well?

Sunrise said...

I have forgotten what it is like to plan room decor without having to account for the fisher price paraphernalia and assorted small cars and toy bins that are always scattered around. Should try this sketchup thing.