Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome to Northrop Grumman

Ok, so this is a little late posting…

About two weeks ago, and after four years of hard work, Scooter was offered a position with a local company as a Graphics Illustrator. He'll get to work with a number of 3D modeling programs that he has studied in school, as well as do traditional sketches for reference materials. He'll start his new position on the 31st of March. Just wanted to say how proud I am of his hard work and dedication to pursuing a different path in his career.

This is a post he made on-line a few weeks ago on one of the Motorcycle Message Boards:


“Around 11am today I got a call from the department manager, J.D., for the illustrator position - he's been in Huntsville, AL - all he wanted to know was what kind of salary did I expect?

I shot him my number. He told me that it had been recommended to him that they extend me an offer but that he had to now negotiate with the recruiter.

The recruiter said that I will be getting a CD in the mail with all the pre-employment paperwork for my new position. I'll need to print some up, fill them out and fax them back. The recruiter is in West Virginia. I think the HR Dept. is in FL.

Anyway, I got the job. I start the 31st. I'm psyched.”

— Scooter



Bridget said...

Way to go Lindsay! Can't wait to see you guys next week.

Michelle said...

That's great! Tell him congratulations for us! I hope he loves it.
We're in CO right now and just got back from seeing your mom and Grandma, she sure seems to be doing well. We didn't get to see Bridget, but sounds like you guys get to next week! Fun!
Oh, I saw the scrapbook you made for your mom of Breckenridge...that was awesome!!! You are really good. :-)