Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scrounging through my old photos…

I came across Lindsay's and my trip to Colorado on the motorcycles. It all started out so well.

We spent our first night in Holbrook, Arizona exploring the downtown life. It's a fairly small town right off of Interstate 40, but has a great Rt. 66 history to it. I thought these dinos were too fun not to photograph. I probably like dinosaurs almost as much as Carson.

Our second day in, took us to the beautiful city of Southfork, Colorado. We stayed in a wonderful little cabin and were greeted every time we stepped outside by the local orange tabby. I spent my evening photographing the numerous hummingbirds just outside of our cabin and Lindsay spent the evening watching "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel. That seems to be our regular schedule when we are on vacation. Since we don't have "television," we watch Discovery when we're out and about.

Traveling over the Continental Divide, we stopped to take this picture with Mr. Happy, our companion puppet.

This would be the GSX-Rs last stop as a bike without damage. I recall this rest area being up a pitted dirt road overlooking the San Juan Valley. Though it was cloudy, we had no idea what the afternoon would bring.

I took this image after making sure Lindsay was unhurt from his accident. We were so lucky that day that both of us were all of our motorcycling gear as well as the fact that Lindsay was completely unhurt when he totalled his bike. I guess I was too distressed to take photos of his bike, but I wish I had in hindsight. It didn't actually look totalled, but sure enough it was.

If you look at the zigzag of dark directly in front of my bike, that is the course Lindsay was on. Hail and bikes do not mix. It's like riding on ball bearings coated in oil. Not good!

And here is Lindsay after we got his bike back upright assessing the damage.

We haven't taken a long motorcycle road trip since this vacation, but I'm sure we'll get out there and do another one. Maybe not to Colorado though. We should have left earlier in the morning. I know better than that – there are always thunderstorms that pop up in the afternoons in a Colorado summer.

And because Lindsay can go about a minute without a bike, we replaced it with this: