Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scrapbook Night at the Office

Every couple of months, our office holds a scrapbook night after business hours. It's a chance for the multiple departments to have some time together and work on any craft or design project they like, while sharing good food and company. This week, I decided to work on Valentine's cards. I purchased some new paper from K & Company, which I absolutely love for their quality and style and some new blank cardstock.

I wish that I could be doing these crafts with family, but unfortunately we are all scattered over the US. Perhaps one day we all could try and work on a group craft. Mom, I believe you had a quilt in mind?


Bridget said...

Kerrie! I love those, they look so cool and fun to do. I wish I could be that creative. Keep up the great work.

Michelle said...

Those are really cool, Kerrie! You are so good at that. I still look at the one you made us for Christmas and just love it. I wish we could get together and do crafts as family, too, I could use a little of your inspiration! If we all get to convene in Breckenridge again, we should plan ahead and think of some things we could make while we are all together.