Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Air Conditioning…

or … “How I became an HVA/C Technician”

Last September, about a week after I started my own home-based business, my Air Conditioner met the great compressor in the sky. As an A/C is a rather expensive piece of hardware, we decided to readdress this situation come springtime. That time is now. I sat through a few days of 86° in the house but overall, winter has been kind to us—and cold! Now it is hot again and I'm feeling the need, the need for sp-coldair?

First step: I signed on with, as heard about on NPR and found A-rated HVA/C service companies. First up, a gentleman came out to measure the house, check the duct-work and figure out the overall needs of our A/C. After these, he discussed the various options his company could offer, and off he went. Oh … he forgot his ladder, so we have great new $60 ladder sitting in our garage.*

QUOTE: $4,400 for new A/C compressor, coil and install

Second step: Contact next company with A-list rating on Another technician in our house, looks over everything and we discuss options. He addresses some issues with specific brands and provides some reading materials and advice.

QUOTE: ~$3,500 for A/C compressor, coil, furnace and install

Now, after getting quite a bit of information I find myself on THIS page. So glad I found this information. I now know what R-22 is (dupont, I'm looking at you!) and SEER and R410A (Puron), what the ratings actually mean and how they can be used. Also, I know that you can in fact buy too large of an A/C unit. Know your square footage before anything else.

Yep, I'm pretty much an expert now. So, I'll be getting my license and bonding downtown tomorrow and starting in on the lucrative career of A/C install.**

* I will actually call this company and return their ladder
** No, no I really will not become an A/C technician. That's a joke on my part. A pretty lame one, but…


Mountain Mama said...

I understand. I am an expert closet installer. I've done ten of them.

I'll be sure to call you when the A/C decides to completely ruin any chance I have of enjoying a Colorado Summer.

Arabian Acres said...

I understand too as I'm an expert GFI blower-uper! Good luck on the AC, appears summer has hit your area fast. See you soon. :)

Rylan Francis said...

I like how you put little asterisks at the end as if we can't read your sarcasm...then I think if this is a private blog, we would get Kerrie Sarcasm...then again I may be wrong. Que Jurassic Park Theme song....Now!