Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Athletic (?) Shoes…

I've needed new running/walking shoes for a long time now. Like, a year maybe. So I've been shopping for quite some time now. After reading about a number of different options out there, I decided to go with the Vibram FiveFingers shoe. What? What is it? Well, it's the closest thing you can come to walking barefoot. There is a lot of evidence supporting the idea that we are designed to walk barefoot and our shoes are actually impeding us in developing strong leg and foot muscles. I'm a big fan of barefoot anyway and rarely go with shoes around the house—even when walking to the mailbox at times.

I've been walking in these shoes for a few days now and found only a slight irritation on my heal as it gets used to a new shoe there. Some people have complained about heel pain and bruising when walking on cement, but I have not noticed any of that. I think all my marching band years have taught me to walk well too. I've noticed that I get less fatigue in my calk with these shoes, and don't get the foot cramps I used to at times. I've also been a lot more conscious of using my toes to propel me forward, thus increasing my use of calf-muscles.

The weirdest part about these shoes is the “between the toes” feel. However after a few minutes of that, it's actually quite nice to be able to wiggle your toes while walking and grip with your toes while crossing terrain. These would be great martial arts, yoga and general shoes. You do get a lot of weird looks too. I call them my gecko toes. And yes, I got the purple. Scooter (new name for my husband—just don't tell him :P ) convinced me that was the best color.


Arabian Acres said...

Who could possibly comment on these? My only thought...... I hope they help in whatever way they are supposed to.

kerrie said...

@Arabian Acres: Well, I found them while browsing the site http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ and looked at a number of other shoes. There is so much health evidence out there it's hard to decipher what to do, so I am doing what I think is best for me.

I've been wearing them as much as possible and I can already tell my calves and feet are stronger. They're very Boulder™ too.

Mountain Mama said...

I've been seing these around town and I soooo want a pair.

Word of warning: Use a shoe with support for your more intense workouts (jogging, running, etc.) until your body is good physical condition. My achilles tendons and calves are totally screwed up from using Nikes that simulated a barefoot workout.