Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trading (Up?)…

So, I've just not had the desire to ride in like, oh, the last 6 months or so. Bicycles yes, but motorcycles, not so much. There's no one reason for it but a number of lesser reasons. I'm busy with work, I don't commute anymore so there is no daily drive, my sinuses are buggin' me and leave me a little intimidated, it's hot as heck right now mixed with thunder and lightening. I've been looking at either selling the Ducati or trading it and came across this little beauty this weekend.

Single sided front and rear wheels, included luggage rack, 70-80 mpg and in the most beautiful green with brown seat ever. Squee!

The idea of riding a scooter has never really interested me until this year. I'm not a scooter rider. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast! In this world, that's a big difference. But, I'm changing and my ways are changing. They had this exact model in the local Italian bike shop; unfortunately they also already had two of my motorcycles in there as well, so would likely not be looking to trade. It's a small shop, nothing like a big car dealer.

I'm looking forward to this change in my life and learning yet another life skill. And here are some quick little illos of scooters I drew many months ago.


Tara said...

So funny! When a friend told me to check out Christine's blog yesterday, I had no idea I would find all of you! I've friends and family in Tuscon(so sorry it's so hot there right now!) and if I ever find the time to visit, I'll be seeing you too!

Arabian Acres said...

Whoo hoo! More power to you, I've got one myself and trying to save gas. Let's see now drive the big F-150 or the scooter, you decide. Only problem is that I cannot drive it to work as the route just isn't that safe.

Mountain Mama said...

Of course you should go for the green.

Something tells me that trading up to a scooter almost guarantees you'll get knocked up. ;)